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Cosmetic Dentistry

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A winning smile has countless benefits. Those who smile frequently are consistently considered more friendly, confident, and attractive than those who conceal their teeth. The Lake Forest cosmetic dentists at Lake Forest Smiles can help you decide on a procedure to improve the appearance of your smile. Drs. Douglas Campbell and David Schmidt offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to transform patients' smiles from flawed to flawless. If you're interested in finding out more or scheduling a cosmetic dentistry consultation, contact our Lake Forest, IL team today.
cosmetic dentistry

If you have teeth that are short, discolored, crooked or chipped, porcelain veneers restore flawless beauty to your smile. Veneers are wafer-thin shells that fit over the front surfaces of teeth to conceal irregularities and whiten teeth. They can also be used to reduce or eliminate gaps and “straighten” teeth. Veneers are handcrafted by our trusted dental laboratory to ensure you receive the most perfect-looking restoration. Practice good oral hygiene to prolong the life of your veneers, which should last a decade or longer.

Porcelain veneers can be completed in as little as two visits to our office, giving you a fabulous smile you desire. Drs. Campbell and Schmidt have been placing custom-made cosmetic veneers in the North Chicago suburbs for over 20 years, and they continue to attend cosmetic dentistry hands-on courses to improve their skills each year.


Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Teeth that are marred by chips, cracks, decay, and discoloration can be aesthetically improved with dental bonding. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Schmidt match the color of the bonding material to your surrounding teeth using a professional shade guide. A composite resin in this exact color is applied to the damaged area. Our dentists then expose the resin to a high-intensity light, which hardens it in position for durable wear. The resin will be shaped and polished, so the restored tooth looks and feels natural. Cosmetic bonding is ideal if you need to fix your tooth immediately, without the need for waiting on a dental lab. Patients sometimes choose cosmetic bonding as a permanent method teeth whitening since the composite can be chosen in a whiter shade, or selected to blend with your other teeth.

Teeth Whitening

A brilliant smile can revitalize your face and dramatically improve your appearance. The in-office whitening technology featured at our practice far surpasses any home treatment currently available. While at-home treatments can temporarily and subtly lighten teeth, the Zoom!® in-office system whitens teeth by an average of eight shades in approximately one hour. For those patients with more extensive or deep-set staining, we may recommend dental bleaching using the KoR system. This system combines in-office whitening with continued take-home treatments to achieve the desired results. Both of our professional-grade whitening systems provide superior results compared to store-bought varieties.

Tooth whitening in Lake Forest is not only fast but safe and comfortable. It is the perfect choice for the busy individual who wants dramatic, predictable results. Teeth whitening products available in stores do not provide the same astonishing results and may end up being a waste of money. As we age, the natural white color of our teeth gradually fades, and teeth become darker, which makes teeth whitening a popular, yet affordable option to improve your smile. Zoom!® and KoR whitening restores the beautiful, bright color you are looking for. You may call our office to schedule a consultation to find out more.

Gum Recontouring

The appearance of a “gummy” smile can be improved with the advanced laser dentistry techniques available at Lake Forest Smiles. With a laser, our dentists sculpt excessive and uneven gum tissue to create a more appealing smile line. At the beginning of the gum recontouring procedure, the patient’s gums are numbed with anesthetic, and they are then reshaped by an extremely safe, highly precise laser. The laser immediately seals the gum tissue for a faster, more comfortable recovery compared to traditional surgical methods. In most cases, patients resume their regular routine following their appointment as there is little to no downtime.

Metal-Free Restorations

Blurring the line between cosmetic and restorative dental care, metal-free crowns, inlays, onlays, and other restorations from our office provide patients complete repair of damaged teeth in form, function, and cosmetic appearance. Crafted from tooth-colored ceramic, these restorations can be made in our office for same-day smile repair or by our trusted dental lab. The effective, durable restorations are ideal for front-facing teeth, patients who want a cosmetically superior treatment option, and for patients who have allergies or sensitivities to metal.

Smile Makeovers

With the technology available at our office and the skill of our doctors, Lake Forest Smiles transforms any smile into a beautiful smile. By combining and customizing dental procedures, we are able to dramatically improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, damaged, or misaligned. Whether you are looking for a quick fix that can be achieved in a single visit, or you decide to undergo orthodontics that may take a year or more to achieve fabulous results, Lake Forest Smiles has options that are suitable for every patient. Based on the type and extent of your tooth damage, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Schmidt create a smile makeover treatment plan tailored specifically to your dental needs.

Who Should Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

Anyone who is unhappy with their smile should consider cosmetic dentistry. From quick teeth whitening to orthodontics, Lake Forest Smiles has a solution for every dental problem.

  • Do you have crooked teeth?
  • Are your teeth stained?
  • Do you have misshapen teeth?
  • Are your front teeth gapped?
  • Do you have a broken or chipped tooth?
  • Do you have missing teeth?
  • Do you just wish that your teeth looked like a celebrity’s smile? 

These are common reasons why patients choose cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are looking to fix one problem tooth or revamp your entire smile, we can help. No smile is out of reach! And, Drs. Campbell and Schmidt believe that you are never too old to achieve the smile of your dreams. It all starts with a consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

Deciding to undergo cosmetic dentistry is not an easy decision. From choosing the best cosmetic dentist in Lake Forest to figuring out how to afford your dental treatments, Drs. Campbell and Schmidt and their team of caring dental professionals strive to make it an easy process. If you are interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry, schedule a consultation to find out which procedures are best for you. We employ sophisticated technology to make your experience simple yet achieves beautiful results.

If you are a new patient, we begin your consultation by assessing your oral health because it is essential to address any underlying dental problems before investing in cosmetic dentistry. Digital x-rays may also be needed so that we can capture the health of your jawbone and tooth roots. During this visit, we encourage you to be open and honest about how your smile makes you feel so that we can present options to help you achieve the best results. Let us know if you have any specific timelines, like a special event that is quickly approaching, as this may play a part in choosing your options.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Many patients assume that cosmetic dentistry is unaffordable. While it does come at a price, the cost is well worth it in the end. The best way to know how much dental treatments will cost is to schedule a consultation with Lake Forest Smiles. Once your treatment plan has been determined, we will discuss the price of each procedure. Our payment options include cash, check, and major credit cards, as well as special financing through these trusted third-parties, CareCredit, and Springstone Financing. In some cases, interest-free financing is available. Lake Forest Smiles wants every patient to be able to achieve the smile that they desire, which is why we also offer in-house financing. To learn more about our payment or financing options, please contact our office.

What Happens After My Treatment?

Cosmetic dentistry is an investment, and like anything else you spend your hard-earned money on, you want to take care of it so that it will last. Your teeth are no different. Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits twice a year are an essential part of maintaining your new, gorgeous smile. To keep your cosmetic dental work looking good for the long haul, be sure to take care of your teeth every day. Follow-up appointments and instructions will be provided during each step of the process.

Getting Started

If you would like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, and find out which options are best for you, schedule a consultation with Lake Forest Smiles by calling (847) 234-4800. Worried about going to the dentist because of dental anxiety? Ask us about sedation dentistry options, ideal for lengthy appointments, or for people who have a fear of going to the dentist. Lake Forest Smiles has been providing elite dental care to the communities of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire for more than 30 years. We welcome you to our practice.

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