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Dental Bridges

Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

Dental bridges are an economical way to replace one or two missing teeth in a row. This popular restorative option "bridges" the gap between your teeth, and restores your chewing ability. Learn more about the dental bridges offered by our Lake Forest cosmetic dentists, Drs. Douglas Campbell, and David Schmidt.

How Dental Bridges Work

A dental bridge is a non-removable restoration that provides a long-term solution to replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile and chewing ability. It is a single unit, with three or more crowns fused together, but once placed in the mouth, it looks like separate teeth.

A dental bridge consists of the following components:

  • Pontic – The term used for the replacement tooth or teeth
  • Abutment – Located at either end of the pontic, is the part attached to your teeth
  • Crowns – The porcelain outer coating of the abutment

The dental bridge is cemented in place as a permanent restoration. At Lake Forest Smiles, we offer traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal or PFM bridges. The outer coating of the bridge is crafted from beautiful, durable porcelain that blends with your other teeth and looks completely natural. Dental bridges are handmade from impressions of your teeth and bite to ensure a seamless fit.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • You regain your normal ability to chew, speak, and eat
  • Bridges do not shift or slip in the mouth, as dentures can
  • You avoid the need for a partial denture
  • Costs less than other methods of tooth replacement, such as implants or implant-supported dentures
  • Your remaining natural teeth remain in their proper positions and will not shift
  • They enhance the beauty of your smile
  • Restores self-confidence

Our Dental Bridge Procedures

You can expect to visit our office for two separate appointments. At the first visit, we prepare the teeth on either side of the space in your mouth to support the bridge. This entails taking impressions and placing a temporary restoration to protect your teeth while our expert dental lab crafts your permanent bridge.

At your return appointment to our Lake Forest general dentist office, we evaluate the bridge to ensure a proper fit, color and bite. We use dental adhesive to cement the bridge in place.

Care Instructions for Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is durable and strong, and it could last many years with proper care and maintenance. Because your bridge is fixed in the mouth, you should brush and floss it the same way as your natural teeth. It is essential to clean under your dental bridge, either with dental floss or a water flosser, to remove food particles and bacteria that could cause a gum infection. Lake Forest Smiles also recommends that you visit the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. During these visits, the dentist will check your dental bridge to ensure it remains secure.

Dental Bridges in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

To find out more about dental bridges or any of the other tooth replacement treatment options available at Lake Forest Smiles, schedule a consultation by calling (847) 234-4800. Drs. Campbell and Schmidt have been providing elite dental care to the communities of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire for more than 30 years. We welcome you to our practice.

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