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Questions about Teeth Whitening

Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

Looking for the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry? Professional teeth whitening is chosen more than any other option—and for a good reason. Brightening your teeth by just a few shades makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of your entire smile.
teeth whitening

Lake Forest Smiles offers several different methods of teeth whitening. We want our patients to be informed on all the options, so we compiled this list of answers to some frequently asked questions about our whitening treatments.

Why should I choose a professional whitening treatment?

These days, many over-the-counter products such as toothpaste, mouth rinses, and whitening strips promise results. These products yield less consistent results or may cause increased sensitivity in teeth. Teeth whitening is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Partner with a Lake Forest dentist to ensure you choose the best whitening treatment for your cosmetic needs.

Our professional teeth whitening treatments employ more powerful bleaching agents than any store-bought product or kit. That makes for dramatic results last longer. And with one of our cosmetic dentists overseeing procedures, you face much less risk of enhanced sensitivity.

Is tooth whitening safe?

We only use safe, effective teeth whitening. Follow the directions from your dentist to yield the best results, safely.

What causes stains on my teeth?

The natural aging process affects your teeth, making them dull or appear yellow in time. Using tobacco in any form discolors your teeth, as does frequent consumption of dark-colored fruits, coffee, tea, and wine. Teeth also may change color due to oxidation, which occurs when iron from the blood enters the tooth; or as a side effect to certain medications, such as tetracycline.

What whitening treatments does Lake Forest Smiles offer?

KöR® Whitening: This deep bleaching system removes an assortment of stains, even due to tetracycline. Full results take about a month to develop, and lifetime touchups will be needed to maintain the brightness of your teeth.

GLO Whitening system: Available as an in-office treatment, taking no more than 45 minutes, or as an at-home whitening system, GLO can whiten your teeth up to eight shades whiter. It produces little to no tooth sensitivity, and results are guaranteed for up to 45 days.

How much does professional whitening treatment cost?

The price of each procedure varies on a case-by-case basis, but whitening treatments typically cost less than other cosmetic treatments. At Lake Forest Smiles, we accept payment in the form of cash, check, and most major credit cards. We also offer third-party financing through CareCredit and LendingClub, as well as in-house financing.

How long does professional tooth whitening results last?

No whitening treatment will be permanent, but our procedures keep your teeth whiter, longer than any store-bought product or kit. Extend your results by brushing twice per day, flossing daily, and seeing our Lake Forest general dentist twice each year for a professional cleaning. For a more permanent solution to whitening your teeth, consider porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

To learn more about our teeth whitening procedures, schedule a consultation at Lake Forest Smiles by calling (847) 234-4800. Drs. Campbell and Schmidt have been providing elite dental care to the communities of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire for more than 30 years. We welcome you to our practice.

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