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Common Cosmetic Problems

Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

Did you know that the majority of Americans wish they had a better-looking smile? A 2012 study found that 60 percent of those polled would prefer a beautiful smile to perfect skin. Cosmetic dentistry makes a fabulous smile possible for almost anyone. Lake Forest Smiles uses state-of-the-art techniques and high-quality materials to improve the appearance of teeth.
cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dental problems are common. For most people with perfect looking smiles, that did not happen by coincidence. Learn about the most common cosmetic dental problems, and how Lake Forest cosmetic dentists, Drs. Campbell and Schmidt can help.

  • Discoloration: Your teeth change color naturally as you age. Eating and drinking coffee, tea, and red wine cause stains to develop on the surface—as does tobacco use. Lake Forest Smiles can address discoloration with one of our professional teeth whitening treatments. For a permanent solution to brighter, whiter teeth, ask us about veneers or cosmetic bonding.
  • Crooked teeth: If your teeth are slightly crooked, you can feel self-conscious about your smile. Severely crooked teeth may even make biting and chewing uncomfortable. Lake Forest Smiles can straighten your teeth with Invisalign, traditional braces, or Fastbraces. Want results now? Ask about porcelain veneers, which can create the appearance of straighter teeth.
  • Misshapen teeth: Do you have teeth that are different lengths? Lake Forest Smiles can correct this issue with cosmetic bonding, veneers, or dental crowns.
  • Gummy smile: Gums that cover too much of your teeth are referred to as a gummy smile. Using LANAP technology, Lake Forest Smiles can even your gum line and improve the look of your smile with gum recontouring.
  • Cracked, chipped, and broken teeth: Cosmetic bonding or veneers can address minor cracks, chips, and fractures. For more significant damage, you may consider a dental crown to replace the entire exterior of your tooth—not only restoring its appearance but also to prevent possible tooth loss. Dental crowns are crafted of high-quality porcelain and are designed to blend with your other teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth: Gapped teeth can occur naturally, as a result of an orofacial myofunctional disorder, or caused by teeth shifting out of place years after an extraction. Orthodontics, veneers, or cosmetic bonding can close these unwanted gaps, providing you with a confident smile.
  • Missing teeth: A lost tooth creates a hole in your smile. It also affects your ability to chew and could compromise the stability of some of the surrounding teeth. A dental bridge literally fills the gap caused by missing teeth. We also can install dental implants to replace your lost teeth. For an affordable tooth replacement option, ask about a partial denture.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

Maybe you still have doubts about cosmetic dentistry. Find out if you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry or schedule a consultation to learn more. Call Lake Forest Smiles at (847) 234-4800 to schedule your consultation. Drs. Campbell and Schmidt have been providing elite dental care to the communities of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire for more than 30 years. We welcome you to our practice.

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