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Questions to ask your Implant Dentist

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Millions of Americans live with at least one missing permanent tooth. Dental implants represent the elite choice for tooth replacement in modern dentistry. In addition to being virtually permanent, no other treatment choice looks and feels more like a natural tooth.
questions to ask implant dentist

If you are still on the fence, you can check out the advantages of dental implants. But, you also need to understand that getting an implant is a complex, intensive procedure with a degree of risk. That means you should have as much information as possible about the process—including being comfortable with the dentist performing the implant placement. For this reason, Lake Forest implant dentists, Drs. Douglas Campbell and David Schmidt have compiled this list of questions you should ask.

Questions about the dentist

  • What qualifications and special training do you have in implant dentistry?
  • How much experience do you have performing implant procedures?
  • Do you belong to any professional dental organizations?
  • How often do you pursue continuing educational opportunities?

At Lake Forest Smiles, both of our dentists Dr. Douglas Campbell and Dr. David Schmidt, have completed extensive post-graduate work at both the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and The Dawson Academy. For the placement of implants, Drs. Campbell and Schmidt partner with Dr. Michelle Zmick, a Lake Forest periodontist with over three decades of experience in her field. Remember that the placement of a dental implant is oral surgery, so you need to choose a dentist with experience in either implant dentistry or oral surgery to complete this procedure. We also are happy to show you before-and-after pictures of patients who have received implants in Lake Forest from our practice.

Questions about the procedure

  • What preparations should I make before the implant is placed?
  • After the procedure, should I avoid any certain foods, medications, or supplements? If so, for how long?
  • How long will it take to have my implant placed?
  • How long will I need to recover from the procedure?
  • How much discomfort should I expect to be in after the implant is placed?
  • What potential complications might there be? Can I take any precautions to lower my risk of complications?
  • How much will it cost to receive my dental implant?

Completing a dental implant procedure is a lengthy process. After Dr. Zmick places the implant screw, you have to heal from the surgery while the implant fuses with your jawbone. Each person is unique, but, generally speaking, this healing takes several months. Next, you return to our dental office in Lake Forest to have the implant completed by capping it with a crown. You need to eat a soft diet for the first few days after the implant is placed, and should refrain from smoking. Smoking impedes blood flow and causes other issues that could complicate the healing process. For payment questions, feel free to contact us. If you are concerned about cost, we will work with you to find affordable financing options.

Dental Implants in Lake Forest

The implant dentist you choose should be willing to answer any of the above questions—along with any other questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. Remember that the implant placement is oral surgery, and any surgery represents a major decision. You should be fully confident and comfortable with the dentist performing this procedure. The first step is to schedule a consultation with a dentist you are considering. Make your appointment at Lake Forest Smiles today by calling (847) 234-4800.

Lake Forest Smiles proudly serves our patients in the areas of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire.

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