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Perio Protect

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Gum disease is an epidemic in America. It affects half of the adults over the age of 30. Lake Forest Smiles offers gum disease treatment to help patients preserve their oral health for years to come. Drs. Doug Campbell and David Schmidt offer Perio Protect to help patients manage their gum disease. Find out how Perio Protect, when used in conjunction with other professional dental treatments, could improve your gum disease.
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How does Perio Protect work?

Perio Protect offers a home-care option for patients suffering from gum disease. Perio Protect administers medicine to infected gums through a Perio Tray, customized to fit your mouth. The Perio Tray should provide a snug yet comfortable fit. Medication is placed in the tray, and when worn, is delivered directly to the infected gums. The Perio Protect medication also can penetrate deep into the pockets that form between teeth and gums in cases of periodontitis—the advanced stage of gum disease.

Even wearing a Perio Protect tray for a few minutes per day can make a significant difference in your gum disease treatment. This treatment method has been found especially helpful for patients who have advanced cases of gum disease. Once gum disease reaches this stage, then pockets form between your gum line and teeth and your oral health has sustained permanent damage. A course of Perio Protect treatment can stop any additional damage from taking place, and helps manage your gum disease as a Perio Tray can be administered at home until you make your next visit to the dentist.

Why should I use Perio Protect?

  • It works long-term to protect you from the build-up of bacteria that leads to gum disease.
  • It is minimally invasive. No need for surgery or downtime.
  • Patients who use Perio Protect often report their gums are less tender and less prone to bleeding.
  • Perio Protect is convenient because it can be used at home, on your own schedule. No need for repeat dental visits to use Perio Protect.
  • Using Perio Protect may even improve the appearance of your smile. Patients who use Perio Trays often report whiter teeth and fresher breath. 

The consequences of gum disease go far beyond just tender, bleeding gums. Once the disease enters the stage of periodontitis, you are at risk of other major oral health issues, including tooth loss. Even in its initial stage (known as gingivitis), you must receive professional treatment to properly manage gum disease. Otherwise, the problem will never go away and often will get worse. Left untreated, the bacteria from your infected gums can spread throughout your body and even threaten your life. The  American Academy of Periodontology warns that gum disease nearly doubles your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The bacteria from gum disease also can increase your susceptibility to these chronic or life-threatening ailments:

  • Stroke
  • Respiratory disease
  • Inflammation
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes

Perio Protect in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

Perio Protect is just part of the treatment program for gum disease at Lake Forest Smiles. If you or someone you love has gum disease, or to learn more about Perio Protect and its benefits, contact our office today by calling (847) 234-4800 to schedule your consultation.

Drs. Campbell and Schmidt have been providing dental care to the areas of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire for more than 30 years. We look forward to seeing you!

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