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how will i look with dentures

How will I Look with Dentures?


If you’re considering dentures, you’ve probably wondered how you will look or if dentures will be obvious or change your looks. It can be difficult and nearly impossible to say for sure, but if you choose the right cosmetic dentist, your dentures should look natural and attractive. However, choosing the wrong dentist or opting for a cheap set of dentures may alter your looks. So today on the blog, our Lake Forest dentists share how poorly made dentures affect your looks and what you can choose instead.

Protruding lips

Cheap dentures also known as economy dentures are made quickly and without much regard for your facial dimensions or original tooth size, shape, and alignment. Therefore, economy dentures may result in protruding lips from thick dentures that stick out too far or that are too bulky. If this occurs, your lips may look unnatural and it may be difficult to hold your lips together when you’re not speaking or eating.

Oddly sized teeth

When fabricating dentures, the lab technician and dentist should take into account how the patient looked before losing their teeth. How were their teeth shaped? What was their tooth alignment like? How were their teeth sized? How much of their teeth were showing when they smiled? It is entirely possible to craft a set of custom dentures that look just like a person’s natural teeth once did. But not taking these factors into account could result in oddly shaped or sized teeth or a toothy grin that looks unnatural and that do not compliment the patient’s smile.

Uneven jaw

If the denture teeth are oddly sized and shaped, it could affect how your teeth come together and result in an uneven bite that causes jaw discomfort. Additionally, if the bite is too short, you could end up with a sunken-in look or excess wrinkles with an unnatural-looking smile. This is why getting the bite just right is crucial when it comes to crafting dentures.

What to get instead of dentures?

Dentures are certainly a relied-upon tooth replacement option for patients that are missing all their teeth. But the type of denture and the dentist you choose matters the most in how you will look afterward. Lake Forest Smiles offers custom dentures in which we take many factors into account before ordering a lab to fabricate your replacement teeth. You won’t be stuck with bulky dentures that look unnatural. Instead, your dentures will look as good if not better than your original teeth once did years ago.

However, if you’d like to explore the most natural-looking tooth replacement option, ask our Lake Forest implant dentists about Teeth-in-a-Day. This implant system is perfect for patients with significant tooth loss that prefer a permanent option to restore their smile. Implants are placed at strategic locations in the dental arch, and a permanent set of teeth are made to attach to the implants. The teeth are never removed, unlike dentures, and can last for decades. You’ll not only have your confidence back, but your teeth will be perfectly sized, aligned, and your bite will be just right.

Replace my missing teeth in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

Deciding to replace your missing teeth or upgrade your dentures can be an exciting time. However, investing in your smile means ensuring you make the right choice for treatment when choosing a dentist. If you’d like to learn more about tooth replacement options, please call Lake Forest Smiles at (847) 234-4800.

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