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is invisalign worth the cost

Is Invisalign worth the Cost?

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Teeth that are crooked or misaligned can cause a reduction in your self-esteem and may cause anxiety in social situations or during a job interview. However, crooked or misaligned teeth pose additional oral health complications other than aesthetic issues. When your smile is in alignment, you can restore a more beautiful smile but may also improve your ability to chew foods or speak properly. There are multiple factors to consider for those who are interested in an Invisalign treatment. Therefore, your Lake Forest Invisalign providers share the details about Invisalign treatment’s effectiveness and answering if the treatment is worth the investment. Plus, be sure to check out our current Invisalign deals!

Benefits Beyond the Smile

Invisalign treatment is a method to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, yet there are additional benefits of straightening your teeth. The Lake Bluff Invisalign dentists near you use clear aligners to increase oral health while slowly altering eating or speaking habits.

Below are some additional benefits you could expect from your Invisalign treatment:

  • Straightening your teeth may relieve discomfort when chewing and increase the nourishment you get from foods.
  • Realigning your teeth could help alleviate speech impediments and complications that could demolish social discomfort and embarrassment.
  • Properly realigning your teeth can help prevent overcrowding. When your teeth are overcrowded, it can be challenging to keep them clean, and it increases your risk of developing advanced dental conditions costing you more money.
  • Realigning your jaw can address overbite or underbite problems, adjust your jaw alignment, and possibly reduce your jaw pain.
  • Increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem comes more naturally when you have straight teeth. Your social interactions with others are more positive as you are more accepted.

When you reach your ideal of a perfect smile, the moment can be priceless. That is why our licensed Invisalign providers in Lake Forest express the invaluable impact Invisalign can have on your dental care. The best news is that you also improve your overall health by reducing your risk of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes just by being able to maintain your oral health better with straight teeth.

Average Treatment Length

The exact time limit to achieve the Invisalign results can widely vary due to the circumstances surrounding your oral health. For example, if you have underlying oral health complications such as cavities or gum disease, you may need to address those concerns before beginning your Invisalign treatment. An additional consideration is the extent of your tooth misalignment. For most cases, results can be achieved in about 12 months. Some cases may take a little longer. The best way to find out more of an exact time frame to achieve your straight smile is to schedule a consultation with your Lake Forest dentist that offers orthodontics for adults.

Average Cost of Invisalign Treatments

Multiple factors determine the amount you will pay for Invisalign treatments. First, your insurance may or may not cover the whole or part of the treatment, but it is always good to check before committing to orthodontic treatment in Lincolnshire. If you have questions about your insurance, feel free to contact the friendly front office dental staff at Lake Forest Smiles for a better understanding of your dental benefits. Another factor that may determine the treatment cost is how long you will need the treatment to achieve your straight smile goals.

Invisalign for Adults in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

Dental work that changes your oral health for the better is always an excellent investment. Although some procedures may seem to cost more than you anticipate, the expense is well worth the investment when you end up with a sparkling white straight smile that restores your self-confidence. If you are frustrated with your crooked or misaligned smile, feel free to contact the Lake Forest cosmetic dentist near you by calling (847) 234-4800 or book an appointment online today. Be sure to ask us about our current Invisalign promotions when you call! Available until December 31, 2020, receive $300 off express cases (14 or fewer aligners) or $500 off comprehensive cases (15 or more aligners).

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