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How Technology Improves Dental Care for Lake Forest Patients


Dentistry has always been associated with goopy, messy dental impressions any time patients required restorations or orthodontics. Alginate has long since been a popular impression material used in dentistry, and it’s likely that you’ve had alginate impressions taken. But thanks to modern-day technology, those messy impressions can be a thing of the past. Today on the blog, Lake Forest Smiles shares how technology improves dental care for patients in Lake Forest. Meet iTero, the newest and greatest intraoral scanner that provides digital impressions within minutes without the need for messy impressions.

What is the iTero oral scanner?

The scanner is a small handheld wand that fits easily into any mouth, even children’s and is probably about the easiest and most comfortable experience of any dental appointment. It takes about two to three minutes to capture images and the device does not emit any radiation, making it entirely safe for all ages. Using an optical laser, iTero digitally captures structures of the teeth and gums. Its confocal laser produces a red beam and using a beam splitter, the reflected beam is led through a focal filter, zeroing in on only the image within that filter, projecting onto a sensor that sends a digital 3D impression of your teeth and soft tissue to computer software.

When does the dentist use iTero?

Our Lake Forest dentists may use the scanner when fabricating crowns, bridges, inlays, or onlays, or deriving treatment plans for complex cosmetic dental cases and smile makeovers.

What are the benefits of iTero?

The iTero scanner is beneficial for smile makeover cases, orthodontic treatment, gum disease management, and whenever restorations are needed. The scanner results in significantly more accurate results and decreases the amount of time that patients spend at the dentist. And since some patients get nervous or anxious while at the dentist, iTero helps minimize those fears because taking a scan is so quick and doesn’t cause a gag reflex like goopy impressions of the past did.

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At Lake Forest Smiles, we are excited to offer this new, leading-edge technology that improves the patient experience and outcomes. Our team members have undergone the necessary training to make offering this new technology safe and effective for all patients. If you would like to learn more about our newest technology or are ready to schedule an appointment, please call Lake Forest Smiles at (847) 234-4800.

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