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Discuss Oral Cancer Awareness with a Dentist in Lake Forest

senior couple smilingCan you believe we’re already into the second quarter of 2018? But April isn’t just for resetting yourself to make the most out of your second quarter, it’s about awareness—oral cancer awareness that is. That’s right—it’s oral cancer awareness month!

Although oral cancer isn’t the most positive subject to discuss and it might even make some people uncomfortable, it’s a necessary discussion that needs to happen. More and more people are affected by the disease each year because they don’t take the necessary preventive steps to avoid oral cancer. Learn more about oral cancer and how a dentist in Lake Forest can help you avoid a deadly diagnosis.

Learn More About Oral Cancer

When comparing other cancers to oral cancer, you might not think that oral cancer is “that bad.” The symptoms are subtle, but that doesn’t make the disease any less traumatic for those who are diagnosed when the disease has advanced.

Here are the hard facts that you need to know:

  • Oral cancer can affect anyone, although there are some people that have higher risks than others.
  • People who smoke or use tobacco are significantly more likely to have oral cancer, especially when tobacco use is combined with heavy alcohol consumption—up to two thirds more of a chance of developing the disease!
  • Your chances of surviving the disease are upwards to 50% higher if you address the disease in its early stages rather than its advanced stages.

Your Dentist Keeps an Eye Out for Oral Cancer

One of the best ways that you can stay proactive in monitoring your oral health is by receiving regular oral cancer screenings from your local dentist. Your general dentist will examine the soft tissues of your mouth for signs of oral cancer, like these abnormalities:

  • Persistent sores, lumps, or bumps around or inside the mouth.
  • Abnormal swelling in or around the mouth.
  • Lesions in the mouth—especially around or underneath the tongue.
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck behind or around the ears.
  • A sore throat or a change in the tone of voice.
  • Numbness that lasts in the mouth or around the lips.

In the case that you do have a symptom that’s listed here, or that your dentist notices a suspicious spot in your mouth, a biopsy will be completed right away. The key to avoiding the deadly consequences of oral cancer is to address it early on!

When was your last oral cancer screening? Regular examinations are key to the early detection that could save your life.

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