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christmas oral health tips

7 Christmas Tips for Perfect Oral Health

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The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching, where your teeth will be busy chowing down on holiday food and decadent desserts. Consuming a wide range of foods and beverages places your teeth under attack from harmful substances that could stain or damage your tooth enamel and gums. Since the holidays can wreak havoc on your oral health, the friendly Lake Bluff dentists at Lake Forest Smiles share seven tips for perfect oral health this Christmas.

  1. Limit Snacks and Time Meals

The holiday season comes with an endless buffet of delicious foods and beverages, posing the temptation to eat continuously. The professional Lincolnshire dentists warn that eating all day without brushing your teeth allows harmful bacteria to grow, resulting in tooth enamel damage. Therefore, establish specific meal-times with a definite beginning and ending time to avoid grazing on food throughout the day. Also, limiting your snacks between meals reduces the amount of exposure to harmful substances.

  1. Focus on the Event, Not the Food

Since events involve food and beverages, it can be challenging to focus on people and not the buffet. Unfortunately, focusing on food can be dangerous for your oral health and your waistline. Instead, opt for entertaining activities such as card games, board games, or holiday movie time. The experienced Lake Forest dentists near you express that turning your attention away from the buffet can give your mouth time to recover. Therefore, play a game and have some fun to help protect your family’s oral health!

  1. Monitor Your Wine Consumption

Red or dark wines may cause surface stains on your teeth, while white wine poses a lower risk. To minimize staining, drink wine while eating your Christmas meal, instead of sipping on it for hours. The Lake Bluff family dentists express that pairing wine with tooth-friendly foods such as cheese and vegetables and brushing well afterward can lower your tooth-staining risk.

  1. Choose Fruit for Dessert

Christmas desserts contain large amounts of sugar. From pecan pie to your grandma’s famous Christmas cake, sugar is the main ingredient and could significantly damage your oral health. Your caring Lake Forest dentists recommend a cheese and fruit tray for an excellent alternative dish to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you must partake in a slice of pie this Christmas, be sure that you practice good oral hygiene by brushing afterward.

  1. Vegetables are Your Friend

It can be tempting to fill your plate with various sweets from the dessert table when attending holiday events. Instead, choose crunchy vegetables to protect your teeth and waistline. The knowledgeable dentists in Lake Bluff explain that vegetables like broccoli and carrots contain Vitamin A that is excellent for tooth health. In addition to nutrients, they also act like tooth cleaners and natural saliva producers.

  1. Hum While You Clean

Music has a fantastic effect on humans and can help you accomplish menial tasks like brushing your teeth. In the spirit of the holidays, hum a few verses of your favorite Christmas carols or holiday song while brushing. According to the Lincolnshire board-certified dentists near you, the length of time should equal about two minutes, which is proper for optimal cleaning.

  1. Candy is Sneaky

Christmas candy is a holiday treat your sweet tooth may find difficult to resist. When eating candy, use caution if it is hard or sticky. Hard candies can create cracks in your tooth enamel when trying to bite off a piece, so let them melt in your mouth instead. Sticky candy can remove dental restorations like crowns, fillings, or veneers. Therefore, your Lake Forest family dentists recommend avoiding hard or sticky sweets if you can resist the temptation.

Family Dentists in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

The Christmas holiday is such a special time of year to spend with your loved ones. The last thing you need is to be dealing with a dental emergency. Therefore, follow the above tips and visit your professional dentists in Lake Bluff at Lake Forest Smiles before your insurance benefits expire at the end of the year to ensure your smile is holiday-ready. Feel free to schedule an appointment by calling (847) 234-4800 or contact us online for appointment availability today!

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