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7 Oral Hygiene Practices Lake Forest Dentists Swear By

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At some time in your life, you can probably recall when your parents, dentist, or school taught you the importance of regular oral hygiene for optimum oral health. Even though it may seem trivial because of your age, your mouth’s health can affect your overall health condition. Therefore, on today’s blog, we share seven oral hygiene practices that our Lake Forest dentists swear by for the best oral health.

  1. Brush Twice Daily

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth a minimum of twice per day. It is best to brush your teeth after consuming food or sugary substances to prevent the damaging acids that lead to tooth decay. Therefore, try to reserve time after your lunch break to brush away the remaining food debris and harmful bacteria. If you brush only once daily, you should opt for brushing before bed to remove food debris and bacteria that could result in weakening your dental enamel.

  1. Floss Daily

Brushing your teeth is crucial to good oral health, but don’t stop there. The areas between your teeth are primary locations for food debris, harmful bacteria, and plaque to hide because your toothbrush alone cannot reach the places. The friendly Lake Bluff dentists advise patients that it takes 24 hours for bacteria to colonize and begin plaque formation. Flossing can clean between your teeth and reduce your risk of developing cavities and gum disease.

  1. Correctly Use the Right Tools

Some people believe that brushing with a stiff bristle brush while scrubbing back and forth is the best way to clean their teeth. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth in this manner could result in gum recession or enamel erosion. Therefore, brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush, hold it at a slight angle, and move it along your teeth near your gums in a small circular movement. Replace your toothbrush when you notice the bristles fraying, after you’ve been sick, or once every three months for good measure.

  1. Clean Your Tongue

Your tongue traps bacteria, odors, and food that cause bad breath. The board-certified Lincolnshire family dentists advise patients to brush their tongue each time they brush their teeth. You can find a tongue scraper in most local retail stores, but it is unnecessary as your toothbrush alone can clean your tongue.

  1. Visit the Dentist Twice Annually

Most insurance plans cover two checkups and cleaning visits six months apart each year to prevent advanced oral health conditions. Visiting the dentist is vital in preventing cavities and gum disease. Not only does it clear your mouth of tartar buildup, but it also provides an opportunity for the dentist to uncover potential conditions that may require treatment. Early detection can help reduce your risk of advanced diseases that cost more time and money to remedy or repair.

  1. Get Dental X-rays Annually

Over time, your oral condition can change for better or worse. Using advanced dental technology, the family dentists in Lake Forest can track the changes and uncover potential problems. The radiographic images help us see below your gumline and between your teeth, which are unavailable to the naked eye. X-rays also aid in early treatment to prevent advanced conditions that may cause damage to your smile.

  1. Get Dental Work Done Quickly

Delaying your visit to the dentist will only exacerbate your conditions and often lead to more complicated and expensive treatments. You may need to wait a few extra days or weeks before your visit due to scheduling conflicts, but it should not yield a dramatic difference in your oral health condition. However, waiting a few months for dental work could cost more time and money to restore functionality and your smile.

Family Dentist in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire

Maintaining a healthy smile does require a daily commitment to keep your teeth and gums clean. Following the above tips and visiting your friendly Lincolnshire dentists at Lake Forest Smiles regularly for checkups and cleanings can prevent the most common advanced dental conditions. So, if you need to visit our office, feel free to call Lake Forest Smiles at (847) 234-4800 to schedule your appointment today.

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