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sore teeth after invisalign

Why are my Teeth Sore when Switching Invisalign Aligners?

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The popularity of Invisalign continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Among adolescents alone, the number of patients 17 and younger who have been treated with Invisalign has increased by 66.6% in the past 30 years, according to data from the American Association of Orthodontists. And that does not include the many adults who choose Invisalign in Lake Forest to straighten their teeth because of its convenience and discretion.

There are plenty of reasons to love Invisalign, but these clear plastic aligners still can create moments of discomfort. Specifically, you might feel some pain whenever you switch to a new set of aligners. In this article, our Lake Forest Invisalign providers explore this phenomenon.

Get the facts on Invisalign

First off, let’s make sure you have an understanding of Invisalign and how this treatment method works. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth. When worn, these aligners exert gentle pressure, guiding your teeth. Every few weeks, you receive a new set of aligners for the next part of the treatment process. Although the aligners should be removed whenever you eat and brush your teeth, they should be worn at least 22 hours per day for optimum effectiveness.

What does it mean if I feel discomfort from my new aligners?

Simply put, experiencing pain indicates that the treatment is working. When you go through any method of orthodontic treatment, you’re making your teeth move into a straighter alignment. Any discomfort you feel is a consequence of that tooth movement. In many cases, the discomfort is going to be mild and usually fades within a week of receiving a new set of aligners.

Any pain from starting Invisalign or switching to new aligners could manifest as an ache from the jaw or teeth or pain in the mouth.

Home Remedies for Invisalign Discomfort

If you’re experiencing soreness from your new set of aligners, you can usually manage the issue at home.

Here are a few treatments we recommend:

  • Eat soft foods: After receiving new aligners, stick to a diet of soft foods for a few days until the discomfort subsides. Smoothies are a great choice, as is mincing meat and chicken. Avoid eating whole fruits and other crunchy foods that may place undue stress on your teeth.
  • Wax on: Your Invisalign aligners are customized to mold perfectly to the exact shape of your teeth. Sometimes, they fit so snugly that they can be the source of your discomfort. Placing some orthodontic wax on any pointed edges can go a long way toward addressing the cause of your pain.
  • Chill out: A cold compress is a tried and true method of reducing pain and swelling no matter where it may occur on your body. It can help any soreness in your mouth from new Invisalign aligners, too.
  • Proper tools: One cause of your pain could be that you are not removing your aligners the right way. Obtaining an aligner retrieval tool can assist with this process, making sure that user error is not part of the issue.

Your Licensed Invisalign Provider for Lake Forest

Remember that not every dentist is qualified to work with Invisalign. You should only use a dental practice that is listed as an Invisalign provider. At Lake Forest Smiles, we are proud to offer Invisalign as a method of orthodontic treatment to our patients in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Lincolnshire. Find out more about Invisalign today by scheduling a consultation online or calling us at (847) 234-4800.

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